It's All Happening

Album Release

Due to various concerns, I assure you they are well considered and make a whole bunch of sense, my debut album, Shapes That Kiss The Lips Of God, will be released on July 15th rather than June 3rd. Now some of you may take this as an unreasonable delay... If so, good. I hope it whips you into a frenzy of anticipation.

But wait, I might be able to get the album early?

Yes, for those of you in the Midwest come to one of my three Pre-Release shows featuring a full 6 piece band and enjoy the exclusive opportunity to purchase the album (on CD or Vinyl) prior to it's July release.

Pre-Release Shows:
June 5- Ribco, Rock Island, IL
w/The Multiple Cat, Brooke Strause, Bedroom Shrine

June 6- City Pages Presents: J.E. Sunde Debut Album Pre-Release Show, Amsterdam Bar & Hall, St. Paul, MN
w/We Are The Willows, Verskotzi

June 7- The Root Note, La Crosse, WI
w/We Are The Willows

Phox Tour

Also I'm very excited to be opening for Madison, WI's Phox this Summer.

7/28- Montreal, QC: Casa Del Popolo
7/29- Toronto, ON: The Drake
7/31- Cleveland, OH: Grog Show
8/1- Detroit, MI: Magic Stick
8/4- Minneapolis, MN: 7th Street Entry
8/6- Milwaukee, WI: Turner Hall
8/7- Madison, WI: High Noon
8/8- Madison, WI: High Noon- SOLD OUT
8/9- Chicago, IL: Lincoln Hall

Music To Listen To Now!

If you haven't yet, please take a listen to, and pay what you will for, my single Passport. It was recorded as a part of Honeytone Record's Singles Series.


J.E. Sunde